Parenting  Helps (Studies & Sites)

Celebrate Calm

Kirk  Martin and his son Casey share simple and doable strategies on creating calm in the home. Take the yelling and frustration out of parenting, and            Celebrate the Calm.                                                                 


Kingdom Kids

Hey, we all make mistakes – don’t we? So do our kids. A kingdom parent shifts the immediate focus from controlling your kids’ choices to ​influencing their character.  Meet parenting that will last.

Passport 2 Purity

Our children's innocence is under attack, and parents cannot win the battle with a single awkward "birds and the bees" talk or a strict set of rules. Passport 2 Purity curriculum  helps break the ice and have  intentional conversations about God's design for relationships.

Right Now Media

Right Now Media is FULL of studies your whole family can dive into! It even has GREAT video content for children! Find studies on parenting, marriage, finances, and so much more... This resource is provided free of charge!

(Free media login and access, just contact LNBC Kids for more information.)